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Here are our most frequently asked questions, but if you have a question that we haven’t answered don’t hesitate to ask us.

Best time to plant?
You can plant all year round but try not to plant when it’s to hot  (give hot summer days a miss)and always water your plant’s in after planting.

Best time to fertilize?
Depends on the fertilizer you are using. Quick release fertilizer just before spring or when plants are starting to grow. With a slow release fertilizer it depends on what you are using.

When do i trim my plant’s?
Best before they start to grow. We usually trim in winter time so plants don’t burn if it’s hot.

Will the roots of the plants cause damage to fences?
Depends on what plant your planting and where, ask your retail garden centre expert when you buy or ask us.

Can i kill my plants from over watering?

How far apart should i plant my plants in a hedge?
Depends on what variety you are growing, ask us before you buy.

How big should i dig the hole to plant my plant in?
The hole should be at last 1/2 the size bigger than the pot. Never plant with a post hole digger unless you break up the sides of the hole once dug.

What hedging plant suits what area?
Most plants will grow anywhere, lt depends on what colour or size you want your plant to grow to.

At what height and size should i get my plant?
Any height and size you want. lt depends how quick you want privacy or a border around your garden.

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